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Biology | Isabel Silva

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Isabel Silva is one of the scholarship recipients from the FAM Foundation in the field of biology, specifically focusing on research related to understanding the complexities of antibiotic resistance.

Isabel Silva

Isabel Silva academic history

Degree | Biology at the University of Aveiro

Master | Biology at the University of Aveiro

PHD | Biosciences - specialization in Microbiology at the University of Coimbra

Isabel Silva completed her undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of Aveiro, in 2016. Her keen interest in microbiology led her to pursue a master’s degree in the same field at the University of Aveiro. Her master’s thesis focused on the concerning issue of anthropogenic contaminants, like metals, potentially contributing to the spread of antibiotic resistance in the environment. Her interest in understanding the complexities of antibiotic resistance continued to shape Isabel´s academic journey during her doctoral studies, now at the University of Coimbra.

Projects of Isabel Silva

Isabel Silva has been involved in several significant projects, including the European project

“StARE - Stopping Antibiotic Resistance Evolution”, “Antibiotic resistance in aquatic systems: quantify risks and outline solutions”, and most recently,"MICRANT: Microplastics in Estarreja rivers and their role in the spread of pathogens and antibiotic resistance." one project that the FAM Foundation has the pleasure to support throw the GRANTS funds. This project aims to research the alarming rise in antibiotic resistance, the World Health Organization emphasizes the need for innovative solutions. The research seeks to explore natural compounds from Portuguese macroalgae and halophytes—plants thriving in saline environments along Portugal’s extensive coastline.


Awards and Distinctions of Isabel Silva

Throughout her academic career, Isabel Silva contributions to science have been recognized with several awards and distinctions. For instance, in 2023, her work earned her an invitation to co-chair the antibiotic resistance session at the 10 th Congress of European Microbiologists (Hamburg, Germany). In 2024, she received two awards, the "Prize Fluviário 2023 – Young Scientist of the Year" promoted by the municipality and Fluviário of Mora, and the “UC-Life Sciences – Biology Award” from the Department of Life Sciences (University of Coimbra).

Scientific literature and communication

Isabel has also made significant contributions to the scientific literature, with nine publications in international peer-reviewed journals, and numerous presentations at prestigious conferences, where she also received several awards and distinctions like “Best Oral Communication award for PhD students” at the SIBECOLAIL Meeting in 2022 (Aveiro, Portugal). In addition to her research, Isabel's commitment to science communication is reflected in her active participation in events like International Microorganism Day, the European Researchers' Night, and various science communication initiatives. Notably, she reached the finals of the Three-Minute Thesis Competition at the University of Coimbra, showcasing her ability to effectively communicate complex scientific concepts to a broader audience.

FAM Scientific Scholarship Project

Isabel is working on the FAM Foundation Granted project from 2023/24 - Coimbra University | Macroalgae and Halophytes approach to tackle antibiotic resistance.

A groundbreaking research project with a promising approach to tackle antibiotic resistance" is underway at the University of Coimbra. Led by PI Elsa Teresa Santos Rodrigues, alongside Miguel Ângelo do Carmo Pardal and Isabel da Silva Henriques, this project aims to address the urgent global challenge of antibiotic resistance.

Isabel and the scientific researchers team, will conduct thorough evaluations of crude extracts from Portuguese macroalgae and halophytes using in vitro bioassays with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This rigorous testing process will pinpoint species with the highest potential for antimicrobial activity, laying the groundwork for developing new antibiotics.


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