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FAM was established in October 2020 as a non-profit, family-based private foundation by Ana Mendonça, as a tribute to her father Pedro Mendonça and his deepest passions: the sea and humanity.


Pedro Mendonça was not only a sea and sailing enthusiast but, above all, a man driven by causes and a firm believer in taking action, with a profound understanding that people were the most valuable aspect of life.




The preservation of the sea and all natural water resources, safeguarding their future, is accomplished through the promotion of knowledge via educational, environmental, and scientific advancements both in Portugal and worldwide.


Enhancing human potential across various domains is achieved through the promotion of education, awareness, research, and empowerment of individuals and communities.


Ensuring the well-being of underprivileged communities is facilitated by supporting organizations that collaborate with them and promote their growth and development.


A world where every individual has the opportunity to live a healthy and equitable life within a supportive community, while maintaining a harmonious balance with the environment.

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