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Luxo iates à vela


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Every year, the FAM Foundation's Board donates funds towards prizes awarded to organizations that demonstrate scientific merit, excellence in sports, or achievements in musical competitions. These prizes aim to recognize and encourage outstanding individuals and organizations in their respective fields.


The Foundation values the importance of supporting sportsmanship, and musical talent. By awarding these prizes, the FAM Foundation seeks to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations to continue pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and making significant contributions to society.



Santa Cecilia International Competition

The Santa Cecilia Competition in 2021 marked the inaugural event sponsored by FAM.

The Santa Cecilia International Competition holds a prominent position in Portugal's artistic landscape and is organized by the Música Silva Monteiro course. It is an internationally renowned competition affiliated with the World Federation of International Music Competitions, taking place annually at Porto's Casa da Música. With its inception in 1968 as a school competition, it has evolved over the past 50 years to become a highly esteemed and influential event in the country.



Lisbon Naval Association | PEDRO MENDONÇA TROPHY

The Lisbon Naval Association organized the Pedro Mendonça Trophy, a regatta for cruising boats, on January 27 and 28, with the participation of thirteen vessels, in the racing area of the Tagus River/Bay of Cascais.

The race was conducted in accordance with the "rules" as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing and the Sports Regulations of the Portuguese Sailing Federation.

Ten boats from five sailing schools across the country participated in the event.

In the ORC class, “VICKY” by Augusto Castelo Branco (Cascais Naval Club) was the winner, with “XEKMATT” by skipper Hugo Henrique (Lisbon Naval Association) in 2nd place, and “Super Açor Xis PPortugal Getways” by Gonçalo Vaz Botelho (Vila Franca do Campo Naval Club) completing the podium.


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